Our Structure

The Transmark Group is an international group of companies including Transmark Subsea, Transmark Renewables  and Transmark Systems.

The primary activity is the co-ordination of the international and national trade and installation of industrial components and subsea systems, the exploration of geothermal energy, and the development of zero-emission power.

The group and its subsidiaries are operational in The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Norway, Turkey and Chile. The group is family owned and is registered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands



  • Energy

    Transmark Renewables

    Transmark Renewables is an international company based in Amsterdam, with operating companies in Chile, Turkey and the Netherlands. We are investing worldwide in the development of geothermal energy, specializing in project development, financing, and implementation, to maintain the base load of the energy chain.

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  • Infrastructure

    Transmark Subsea

    Transmark Subsea manufacture a broad range of qualified cable and cable systems for the distribution of electrical signal, power, and fibre optics to the offshore subsea industry. Our production facilities are custom designed to meet our manufacturing needs and ensure efficient, high quality production, and our highly skilled professionals can assist with even the most demanding projects.

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  • Systems Development

    Transmark Systems

    Transmark Systems actively participates in companies with the ambition to change the future. The enthusiastic people within these organizations all have their own idea of ​​how their technology or products can change the way we work or do business.

    The developments are often related to reducing CO2 emissions and thus limiting the use of hydrocarbons as raw materials.

  • Museum of the Canals

    Het grachtenmuseum

    The company’s headquarters also houses Het Grachtenmuseum, in the centre of the stunning canal ring of Amsterdam. In five interactive rooms, you can witness the history of the Amsterdam canals, where clever use of multimedia brings the story of the canals to life. The museum was initiated in 2011 by Mr. Gerard Krans, the owner of Transmark.

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